Teaching Yoga In Jail: An Interview with Kelly Blaser

Our friend Kelly Blaser of Yoga With Kelly Santa Cruz Yoga Studio in Santa Cruz, California isn’t one to shy away from a challenge. For the last three years she has found time in her busy schedule, and the compassion in her heart, to teach women yoga at a local rehab center. But before that, […]

Do You Have To Be A Vegetarian To Be A Buddhist?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that all Buddhists are vegetarians, and that one has to give up eating meat to be a vegetarian. This is – mostly – not true, but there definitely ARE vegetarian Buddhists. On the other hand, there are tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) of devoted Buddhists who […]

Can You Sing And Dance If You Are A Buddhist?

One of the most common questions we get asked is whether one has to give up singing and dancing if they become a Buddhist. The answer MIGHT surprise you…

Buddha Poses and Postures: The Meanings of Buddha Statues

You should know what the meaning of a Buddha statue is BEFORE you buy it, shouldn’t you? Learn what these most common Buddha poses symbolize.

Where To Place Your Buddha Statue

Do you have your Buddha statue in the right place? Or are you setting yourself up for bad Karma by having your statue in an inappropriate location?

Buddhism 101: An Introduction To Buddhism

Learning about Buddhism? Start here with an easy introduction to Buddhism and the Buddha.

How To Convert To Buddhism

Many people wonder how they can convert to Buddhism, and whether there are any “secret” initiations involved in it.

Who Was The Buddha? The Life of Prince Siddhartha

He was known as “The Awakened One” and also as “The One Who has Moved On.” But why do so many people know so little about him?

What Is Dharma: Buddhist and Hindu Dharma

Dharma is an essential concept to Buddhism and Hinduism, but it is also one of the least understood.

What Is Nirvana? Probably Not What You Think It Is!

Nirvana is one of the most misunderstood concepts in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Can I Go To A Buddhist Temple If I Am Not A Buddhist?

You can visit a Buddhist temple even if you are NOT a Buddhist if you just follow this practical advice.

Is Buddhism A Philosophy Or A Religion?

Is Buddhism a religion? Or is is just merely a philosophy?

Should I Buy An Antique Buddha? Defintitely Not!!!

Buying an antique Buddha Statue might turn into a very unpleasant experience for you.

What The Buddha Looked Like

Not sure what the Buddha looked like? One thing you should know is he was NOT fat.

Great Buddhist Quotes For Daily Life

Some of the most profound, life changing thoughts can be so simple. These quotes from leading Buddhist teachers offer practical , everyday insight.

Quick Review: Kundun and Little Buddha

If you get the Ovation channel, you should look for the movies Kundun and The Little Buddha to be shown. Both movies give a glimpse into the world of Tibetan Buddhism. Kundun is directed by Martin Scorsese and is known as a biography of The Dalai Lama. In reality, it is more a biography of […]

Be Thankful For Our Mistakes

For one woman, learning from a past mistake or two was a springboard on her journey to a new life.

Compassion Is Its Own Reward

What can you do to make something you truly dislike doing (such as paying taxes) a little bit easier? It may sound strange, but this does help.

Hinduism 101: An Introduction To The Hindu Religion

Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the world, and is based on ancient texts known as the Vedas, as well as prehistoric animist religions which existed in the Mohenjo Daro civilization. Indian people commonly refer to Hinduism by the more traditional phrase Eternal Religion (sanatana dharma) and the religion is as wonderfully complex as […]

Vietnamese Temples In The USA

Find a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple near you in this list of Temples from across the USA. Includes GPS coordinates to help ensure you get there easily.

Agni The Hindu God of Fire

Although little known, Agni is truly one of the most important Hindu Gods, and is invoked whenever an offering is burnt.

Asuras: Hindu Gods or Villains?

The Asuras are generally considered divine beings, who are primarily known for doing evil, but not always. It might be better to say that the Asuras are powerful beings who often are opposed to the gods. By the end of the Vedic period, however, the asuras had attained their more demonic role.

Brahma: the Hindu God of Creation

Sure, Brahma created the universe and delivered the Vedas to mankind, but Brahma has a Dark Side that many Westerners don’t really know about.

Devi: The Divine Mother Goddess

While Devi is a nurturing, Mother Goddess, she has many wrathful forms as well. How can such a caring goddess be so cruel?