Where To Place Your Buddha Statue

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While the Historical Buddha (born Prince Siddhartha) never stated specifically where to place statues of the Buddha, there are many common practices that determine how to position sculptures of the enlightened one. This article focuses mainly on where Buddhist statues are placed in Thai Theravada Buddhism manner, common to Laos, Cambodia, and Burma.

the main Buddha statue in the Viharn of a temple in Thonburi, ThailandUse An Altar Table:

One should never place a statue of the Buddha on the ground inside a home, and in my home country of Thailand, we set our statues upon an altar table. These tables can be quite elaborate; they are often a set of small tables which stack upon one atop another so there are different levels on which to place multiple statues.

But if you don’t have an altar table, then something as simple as a small shelf that is cleared specifically for placing the statue will do as well. In rural areas of Southeast Asia, where a family might have almost no furniture, placing the statue on even just a small woven mat is acceptable. The important thing is that the Buddha statues are elevated above the person who is performing pooja – even if it is just the symbolic raising of less than an inch by placing the image on a thin mat barely above the floor.

Create A Pooja Room:

Whenever possible, it is preferable to have a separate room dedicated to performing pooja (Bucha in Thai language) that is kept clean and specifically for the purpose of prayer and making merit (tham boon). Not only does it help to create a “sacred space” in your house clear from items that might be offensive to the enlightened one, but it gives you, the owner of the house, a specific area to meditate, study the Dharma, or contemplate. A separate pooja room is as equally important for the roopa as it is for you.

With a separate room, you could include other objects, such as fresh flowers, as well as an area for burning candles and incense, which will be used for making offerings and venerating your Buddha image.

In Buddhist monasteries (called a Wat in Thai), there is a building known as the Ubot (Ordination hall, where the main Buddha images is venerated and where ceremonies for monks take place). There may also be Viharna (Wihan) where other statues are kept and the public is invited to listen to Dharma lectures. These Buddhist temples give us a good clue on how to treat our images with respect.

Make your room comfortable by having small meditation pillows, and be sure that you remove your shoes when ever you enter your pooja room.

Main Buddha statue in the Viharn at Wat mahathat, Phetchaburi, ThailandA Place For Veneration:

Understandably, not every house can have a room set aside for placing your statue, in which case you will want to make a special place in a multipurpose room where the statue may be treated with respect.

  1. Do not put your statue where someone’s feet will be pointing toward it. While pointing with your finger at a monk or Buddha image is bad enough, pointing with your feet would be even more offensive.
  2. Keep the area free of objects that might tower above the image. Do not place your statue near refrigerators or other items that are much larger or much taller.
  3. Refrain from placing your statue or any other Buddhist related symbol in the bathroom, or any room where acts of passion might take place (I think you know what I mean).
  4. Position the statue so that it will not hang under laundry lines, as you want to make sure that things such as undergarments and socks will not hover above the statue.

Statue Placement In A Single Room Or Studio Apartment

If you don’t have a spare room to devote to veneration, then you can still keep a Buddha statue in a one-bedroom or studio apartment. You can set up a small shelf high on a wall where you can place a small statue. Known as a “Hing Phra” in Thai language, this is commonly done in apartments throughout crowded Asian cities. Often these shelves will feature numerous statues or amulets on them. The general practice among Buddhists is to put the “main”image of the Buddha (“ong prataarn”) slightly elevated above the other images, either by placing that main image on a small table or even on a mat, just so long as the main image is elevated (even less than an inch) above the other images.

Ultimately, the best location for your statue is the place where the statue will help you the most to conquer anger, overcome greed, and replace ignorance with awareness.

Placing Your Statue In The Garden:

Many people who are not Buddhists will buy statues to decorate their gardens. While we think you should at least try to learn about the Dharma before placing a figure in your garden, by following the above mentioned suggestions you will not be causing offense to Buddhists. Also, if you look at traditional statues you will see that the Buddha is ALMOST never seen touching the ground. Usually, the Enlightened One is depicted standing or sitting upon a lotus. Since you will not be using a wooden altar table in your garden, it would still be advisable to set up a small area where you can elevate the statue, if even just symbolically. One idea is to get several dozen small stones of more or less the same shape. Build up a little mound upon which to place your statue. Occasionally, you may wish to burn three sticks of incense or place three flowers in front of your statue as a sign of respect and veneration.

Can You Have Multiple Statues In One Location?

Yes, it is common to have multiple statues of the Buddha in one location. If you have ever been into a Thai temple you will notice there is generally a grouping of smaller votive tables that are in front of (and lower than) the main table, upon which the larger image rests. And while it is common to see different Hindu or Chinese deities mixed in amongst the other statues, it is traditional NOT to have images dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali in the same area. This is probably due to a story told in certain Buddhist lineages in which the Goddess Kali is said to have killed several Buddhist monks.

You will often encounter images of veneration of respected monks in the same location as the statues. In Thai we often refer to these venerated monks by the honorific term “Luang Paw.” It is also common to see a small depiction of King Rama V – whether in the form of an amulet or in a painting / drawing – placed upon the altar table as well.

Can I Put A Buddha In The Bathroom?

No, the bathroom is NOT an appropriate place to put a Buddha statue, I am sorry to say. Back when I still lived in Bangkok, I had an American friend who put a small cutting from a Bodhi plant in her bathroom, and even that is offensive, since the Bodhi tree is the tree under which the Buddha achieved Enlightenment.

Feel free to burn incense in your bathroom and meditate while lying in your bathtub, but please do not place a Buddha image, or any religious icon, in your bathroom. Your karma will thank you for not doing this.

Can I Put My Statue On A Windowsill?

In short, no, you should really put your statue on a shelf that is SPECIFICALLY dedicated to the purpose of venerating your roopa (image). Similarly, it is not appropriate to place your statue on a shelf that is already being used for a different purpose (such as a shelf to place your stereo speakers or other items).

Where Should I Put My Statue If I Want To Be Rich?

Unfortunately, we are not experts in Feng Shui, so we are not particularly qualified to tell you where you should place a statue if you are looking for prosperity. Sorry about that. I only know that indoors many people like to put their statues in the back left corner as you come inside the front door. But I do not know so much for outdoors. I can tell you that it is best to place any images of the Buddha in an appropriate location that is neither towered over by anything, nor under any item that might be considered impure.

What About By The Front Door?

Yes, feel free to place a statue by the front door of your home FACING INWARD toward the house. Do this so that as you leave home in the morning on the way to work or school you will be reminded (hopefully) of the Buddha’s teachings. Remember that the world can be a hard place and that you WILL face challenges on a daily basis. If an image of the Buddha is the last thing you see while leaving the serenity of your home, hopefully you will be able to carry some of that serenity with you throughout the day and channel it when encountering obstacles.


  1. I think this information is a very well explained practice for newcomers of the Buddhist thinking. I was unaware of most of it
    but i can remember things I’ve read online that east and west walls were more suited to place a shrine . Is it acceptable to place statues also on a north or south wall ?

    I lived in Thailand for 2 yrs during the Vietnam conflict and visited some monastery’s that inspired me to start meditating and study more about the religion again.

    I thank you for the info from a Thai perspective

  2. Hi there, Bill:

    To us in Thailand, we are not so concerned about which wall the shrine or statue is placed next to.

    We are more concerned about how it is set up, then where exactly.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hi, does anyone know if I can separate the three buddha statues….I got them from France and they were blessed by a monk. I would like to keep one and give the others as gifts to people I life that are dear to me.

  4. Hi there, Elizabeth:
    Thanks for your question. It should be fine to separate the statues and give them as gifts. I would tell the people you are giving them to that they have been blessed, because (in general, among Thai monks, at least) they will bless them as individual statues (as opposed to blessing them as a group).

  5. Hello . Thank you for all the helpful information. I have a few things I would like to ask, if you would be so kind. I have my Buddha statue on top of a refrigerator so he remains above everyone and no one has feet pointed towards him. He is facing southward but not directly towards the front door. I really haven’t another tall spot. Which means he is sort of in a kitchen area and witnesses cooking. I do not eat animals but others here do. Is this a wrong place? Thank you!!!!

  6. Hi,
    I saw a nice Buddha statue in 2ndhand shop..and intend to buy for my relative abroad for their home but i wonder if it ok to buy fm a 2ndhand dealer (not knowing of where the statue may come from)??.
    Is this fine to buy n if so, I wonder if i should offer a short prayer or bring to temple to be wash before i give them.

  7. Hi there, Quek and thanks for the email.

    Yes, it is fine to buy a “second-hand” Buddha statue. In Thailand, you will see lots of places where they have statues for “rent” (they are actually being sold, but we just don’t use the word “sell” when describing the statues, we use the word “rent” instead.)

    You can bring the statue if you would like to a temple for a blessing. In Thai we call this “jerm”. Usually, you will sit near the statue that is to be blessed, and the monks will bless you and the statue as a group.

  8. Manoj Sharma says:

    Hello_ I want to place a brass Buddha (preferably meditating) on my Office table beside my computer where I work so that in times of turmoil etc I can look at it for inspiration & guidance. Is it okay to place it on my table??

  9. Hi there, Manoj, and thanks for the email.

    If you can clear a space for the statue, and place it on a small stand of some kind, that would be best. It doesn’t have to be a tall stand, just a CM (half an inch) would be fine. But try not to have anything tower above the statue.

  10. Erwin Winchester says:

    I have wanted to place buddha statue in my garden. But i don’t want to do so since I had no idea where to put.
    I may not be buddhist but I have always worship Buddha.
    So thank you for the information. I think I now can place Buddha Statue in my garden as you said (elevated).

  11. I would like to place a buddha next to a Japanese Lantern, in my garden, the Lantern would be taller in height that the buddha – would this be ok
    also, i have a buddha that needs re-spraying as it is chipped, what color would i spray this
    thank you kindly

  12. Hi there, Rita, and thanks for your note.

    You can place the lantern NEAR to the statue, but it should not really TOWER over the statue. There is no strict rule how far away it should be. No one can say how many inches or feet it should be away from the statue. But the idea is that it shouldn’t LOOK like it is towering over the statue. I am sorry that I can’t tell you anything more exact than that. Also, you should try and place the statue on a small pedestal of some kind so that at least the ground that the statue is on is slightly higher than the ground that other items are on.

    As for your statue that is chipped, what is the material? I am guessing that it is stone, right? And what color is it now? If it is stone, I would suggest to look at some photos of ancient Indian statues that are made of stone and try to replicate that color if possible. I hope that this helps.

  13. Rajesh Kinare says:

    I have plans to keep a Buddha statue or bust under a fountain in the open terrace area of my house on third floor. There will be no spillage of water on the bust but there will be some plants around this statue. Guests might be served meals (? alcohol) in and around this area. Is it good idea? Kindly guide.

  14. I seriously doubt the Buddha cares where statues of him are. Anywhere his depiction is brings light. Quit the traditionalist douchery.

  15. I have a question I have a Buddha that I have had for 10 years and I have him on a pedestal and someone that helped me move broke on of his fingers off and did not tell me. Is it ok for me to keep him? Is it a bad olman?


  16. Hi Kon,

    It is about showing respect and gratitude to the Buddha for teaching us the way out of suffering, no doubt all Nobles one are not affected by mundanes matters.

  17. I have a question. I wanted to place buddha between two bamboo plants that are kept in the vase. Those two bamboo sticks are higher than the buddha by few (10 – 14) inches. As it is just a plant, is that ok to place it that way or do I have to still make sure they do not tower buddha.

  18. I have a lovely Quan Yin Plaque which I placed on the kitchen wall since we came to our new home in 2000. And there is the television in this room. I now read that it should not be placed in the kitchen. What can I do to safely move this beautiful plaque to a more appropriate area. I am so sorry I did not want to offend. Please tell me what I can do

  19. Thank you for your comment and question, Marie;

    I have never heard that the Kuan Yin statue should not be placed in a kitchen, although I do think that for some Chinese families, there might be a “God of the Kitchen” and that should be the only statue in the kitchen… but I could be wrong.

    I know lots of people with Statues of Kuan Yin in their one-room studios, so basically, the statue IS in the kitchen (along with the bedroom and living room, too).

    I hope this helps. Sorry I can’t give you a more definitive answer. But I am sure that each Feng Shui practitioner will have their own opinion on this… they might even have two or three opinions each!!! :)

  20. Thank you so much for your answer. I am relieved but I have another question. If ever I wish to move it to my living room, is there normally a time to do or not do it and is it possible to do without offending Kuan Yin for I read somewhere that Buddhas and Kuan Yin statues or plaques should not be moved carelessly.

  21. This foto is from uk arrow park hospital. In the labour ward there’s a bathroom in which they put lord budha fotos on the wall about three fotos. Dont kno why they done tha.

  22. Emily Bell says:

    I have a large buddha statue that i use occasionally for meditation, is there anything i can use to place him on? the statue is quite heavy, can you give me some suggestions please?

  23. Hi ,

    Recently just got my new house and moving in soon. I have got a Buddha that I will be moving in to the new house together . Can I put my dinning table in front of the Buddha ?
    Heard from peoples that we cannot eat in front of the Buddha .

  24. Hi, can I place my buddha in my garden under bamboo plants? The plants do over tower but it is nature:)

  25. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and information. I am waiting for my Large Meditating Buddha Statue to arrive (a gift from my husband), and would like to place him on the center of the window seat in my Dining Room. He will be facing South East (and the Dining Room table), approximately 2 1/2 feet off the floor. Is this appropriate? Thank you for your time.

  26. should i rub my buddas belly n if so when n how. i just moved him to the highest shelf. he was in the bedroom, and where adult stuff happened. how long do you think hell be upset. thanks for everybodys knowledge

  27. Can someone please advise me , if i can place my Lord Buddha statue facing East direction in my house balcony on a customise altar table as my original plan was to place my Lord Buddha in my kitchen above my refrigerator facing south which is towards my balcony.

  28. I have read this post properly & I found its too relevant post & informative. Thanks to admin for sharing this information. Actually I like this post.

  29. Hi,
    I’m 12 and plan on buying a Buddha statue. It will be placed on a shelf under my cabin bed which has a desk and couch under it. It will be up high, but the bed being over the top… It that too much?

  30. kheminda says:

    Hi Kayleigh,
    Maybe you can consider putting at your cabin bed, above where you place your head, you can do some chanting before you sleep, feel protected too :))

  31. hi guys
    i would like to ask if i could put a non blessed buddha statue(meditating) in one of my box- bookshelf. its right in the centre but, however, its placed in a shelf instead. i know its not nice to place in such place, but i got no much place to place it. And another qn, i have a habit to place a small shot-cup of water infront of buddha statue, but since its non-bless, is it not appropriate?

  32. my husband gifted me a small meditating buddha statue from thailand. by mistake my mom gave it to somebody. i feel very bad. she forgot whom she gave. why it happened, i lost many days of sleep. Another question is I have some small laughing Buddha statues and a small Buddha statue, which I have kept together in a closed cupboard, which is nearly 7 feet from ground level. is it okay?

  33. I have a small little brass Buddha statue, 45 mm high. On the bottom is a copper plug which has not been removed. The base of the little statue has got to be hollow, as when you shake it, one can hear something rattling inside. Do any one know of something similar and perhaps what is inside my statue – Thank you, Rhyno

  34. Hi I have a mahavira statue which due to our moving houses the finger broke. I feel very close and attached by this statue and was devestated. I had stuck the finger back on but would like to know if it is auspicious to keep this in the house?

  35. Kayleigh says:

    Hey again, I was wondering, as my altar is in my room (only available place) can I get changed in here? Do I have to treat the whole room as a temple?
    P.S. Thanks for the advice kheminda :)

  36. Zayda Jones says:

    Hi, I am not Buddhist. But my father is and he had a room for Buddha. I am taking over the house and for religious reasons cannot have Buddha in my house. My father says you need a ritual to be done before it is moved. How do I go about getting that done?

  37. Hi i want to buy a buddah can i sit it out in front of my backyard cant find lotus flowers what can i do

  38. Peter Vredeveld says:

    Placing Buddha statues in the home is considered to bring happiness and joy and even prosperity if laughing buddha statue is placed in the room.

  39. hi,
    may i keep reclining buddha statue in living room ?

  40. I live in a very small studio, henceforth i lack space. The entrance of my appartment is facing east. As you enter i have a bathroom facing right and kitchen on the left and ahead of me is the living area.

    I have a cubboard on which lies an unused (in box pack) a set of quilt and covers which is the most open space in the room, behind it is a window spacing west.

    Can i place The Buddha Statue it in a way that it faces east towards the entrance of my appartment?

  41. Hi, I’m moving into a new house soon and was wondering if it’s alright to place the altar against the west wall of the living just beside the front entrance, the unused part of sliding door? Across the altar is a east wall.

  42. Hi,
    We purchased a meditating white marble buddha yesterday. And we stay in a studio apartment so i had to put it near my bed. Is it ok to keep buddha along side of bed at the same height of bed? Pls advise whether i should return it back or its ok to keep it like this. Plz reply.

  43. Plz advise if we can keep meditating buddha in bed room.

  44. Hi. I bought a reclining buddha with closed eyes recently. But my mum was worried that it might bring bad luck as it was the time buddha was nearing his death end with eyes closed. Is it fine to place him in the living room.

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