Hi there, everyone.

We just got a question from one of the visitors to our site, and I thought I should share it with all of you who are interested in the subject of Buddhist amulets and talisman.

"Do the Buddha amulets on this site really work to bring good luck to the wearer? For example does the Ganesha amulet really remove obstacles in life?

Does the Lakshmi amulet really bring all the good things in life (wealth, fortune, beauty, pleasure, and abundance)?"

That's a great question, and I am surprised that you are the first person to ask, considering we have been selling these Buddha talisman for years.

Ok, here is the best answer I can give you; Depending on your religious beliefs, they either do work, or they don't.

I know that isn't much of an answer, but let me explain here.

Millions of people around the world wear such Buddha amulets, either for protection, success, or happiness in life. I believe that pretty much everyone who wears an amulet DOES believe in their power.

I know in my home country of Thailand, some people are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for particularly old Buddhist amulets that are believed to provide good luck, fortune, or protection. People whose lives are at risk, such as soldiers and gangsters, in particular, are firm believers. And many, many successful people in Thailand will attribute their good luck to their wearing of these amulets.

Even non-Asian religions have amulets; millions of Christians might wear a cross, sometimes simply to display their devotion, but also for protection, while millions of Catholics might wear an amulet of the Virgin Mary. And even in Islam there are Hand of Fatima amulets, and Lucky Eye charms (to ward off the Evil Eye).

We don't make any guarantees whatsoever that, for instance, wearing an amulet of Devi Lakshmi will make you wealthy. We believe that through our Dharma (proper actions) of this and past lives, we determine our fate (karma), and that has the biggest influence in our lives.

Our belief is that by wearing the amulets, you help to remind yourselves of the qualities that you seek in life and that influences the choices you make and things you do.


Everyone has there own belief so if you believe it maybe it will come true it depends on each individual.

- Maria