Kuan Yin Statues can be made of different materials, such as wood, metal, porcelain, resin, and stone. Generally metal statues of Kuan Yin are made of bronze and have a deep patina, giving them an antique look. Brass and bronze allow for greater statue details. And wood Kuan Yin statues are carved by hand and have a soft appearance; they would make a great feng shui statue.

But the most popular are the Black Stone Kuan Yin statues, which are popular as both indoor and outdoor statues. Many people ask about the correct spelling of Kuan Yin, and we have to admit we have seen it spelled as Kwan Yin (with a W instead of a U) or as Quan Yin, but either way she is known as the Goddess of Compassion, and she is one of the most popular goddesses in Asia. We have more information about the Buddha Kuan Yin below.