Our statues are probably the most popular items that we have been selling for the last 15 years. While we originally sold statues only from Thailand, we have expanded our range over the years and now primarily sell Buddhist and Hindu statues from India, Nepal, and Bali. You can follow the links below to visit our main statue and figurines categories.

Buddha Statues:
View all of our Buddha Statues, which include statues of the Historical Buddha, as well as statues of the Happy Buddha along with various Buddhist Saints.

Kuan Yin Statues:
These are statues of the Chinese Goddess of Mercy and Compassion. They are available in Lava Stone and other materials.

Ganesh Statues:
Also known as Ganesha, these are statues and figurines of the Hindu God of Success.

Durga Statues:
You can purchase these statues of the fierce Hindu goddess Durga.

Kali Statues:
Most easily recognized by her wild hair and protruding tongue, these statues depict the goddess Mother Kali.

Krishna Statues:
Sri Krishna is the playful yet wise Avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, who has come to earth to help us in our own salvation.

Lakshimi Statues:
Sri Lakshim is the Hindu goddess of Wealth and Fortune. She is usually depicted as being very beautiful and wearing the finest of silks and jewelry.

Shiva Statues:
Shiva is the Hindu God of destuction and rebirth, but is also the god of Meditation and Ascetics. Shiva is often called upon to help those who are just to overcome evil.