Lakshmi statues are devotional images of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi, who is the Goddess of Fortune, Wealth, and Abundance. Many people give Lakshmi Statues as gifts so as to encourage those qualities. Many images depict Laxmi (as her name is sometimes spelled) accompanied with elephants spraying water into the air through their trunks. Maha Lakshmi is often seen sitting on a lotus blossom in the middle of a deep flowing river, with lush jungles in the background, and she is associated with the lotus blossom.

Lakshmi statues always depict the Hindu goddess as a beautiful divinity. Her beauty, and her body, may be derived from early pre-Hindu fertility goddesses.

Most nearly all Lakshmi statues are made in India, although we have carried statues of this goddess that were made in Thailand as well. In general, Indian statues come in the "antique gold" finish, while the Thai statues have an "aged copper" finish applied to them.