Morning Star Incense - 200 Sticks Per Box

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Morning Star Incense - 200 Sticks Per Box
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    Morning Star Incense is the best Japanese incense available, as voted by our customers. And once you light up a stick of this delightful low-smoke incense, we think you will agree. The reason Morning Star Incense is so popular is because it DOESN'T have a bamboo stick in the middle. Instead, the incense is rolled and held together without an inner stick - this means that there is less smoke, and you don't get the smell of burning bamboo, either. The result is a more pure incense smell, that burns cooler and slower.

    Morning Star incense is known as Koh, which means that it is high quality incense. The sticks measure 5.5 inches long, and we sell the big boxes, which contain 200 sticks of incense per box. Because they burn slower, they last as long as an 8-inch stick with bamboo in it. There is also a small (about a half inch square) incense stand included FREE in each box. While it will keep your incense upright while you burn it, you would be better off with a larger incense burner, as it will catch ashes from the burning sticks and make cleaning up easier.

    Morning Star is made by Nippon Kodo, one of the premier incense makers in the world.The most popular scent we carry is Sandalwood, with the other most popular incense fragrances being Musk, Amber, Cedarwood, and Pine. But you might also want to try the more fragrant scents, such as Green Tea, Vanilla, Jasmine, Patchouli, and Lavender. Please note that the Morning Star Aloeswood incense is no longer available, as it is no longer being produced by Nippon Kodo due to the scarcity of aloeswood.

    (5.00) 1 rater
    Morning star is the most beautiful incense I have ever used...and I have used ALOT over 40 years!.
    Mar 4, 2013

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