Be Thankful For Our Mistakes

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Just an uplifting story to share with everyone this Easter Sunday.

A young girl probably about 20 (I’ll call her Sarah – not her real name), came into my store in San Rafael  yesterday. Sarah looked very shy, and waited for me to stop what I was  doing so she could talk to me. She started to introduce herself and then went on to explain that she  was in Alcoholics Anonymous and was in a 12 step program.

Sarah said that  she was on step 9, and that required her to make amends for people she  had wronged in the past.

She nervously explained that about two years ago she stole something from one of our brick-and-mortar retail stores. She said that it was probably worth about $30, and she wanted to pay for it.

So instead of getting mad, I said that was fine and accepted the $30, because I knew that giving the money to us was something that she had to do to help her in her development.

In return, I gave her a card of the Hindu God Ganesh, the God of Success and New Beginnings, and I told her to have faith in herself. I also complimented her on her inner strength in being able to go through the program, and being able to admit to her mistakes.

All in all, it was really a good day; not only did I end with an extra $30, but much more importantly, I was reminded of how much better we can feel about ourselves once we fess up to our mistakes. I don’t know if Sarah will be able to change for good, but I do know that being able to make amends for her wrongs is a big step toward creating a new path in her life.

It is impossible to go through life without making mistakes. It is VERY possible to make up for those mistakes.

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