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Protection / Warding Off Fear Pose

Learn about Buddhism and Hinduism, and discover how you can use many of the teachings of Buddhism, along with meditation, to help you improve your relationships, your career and your outlook on life. You'll find that the ancient wisdom inherent in Buddhism can help you get more in touch with what is truly important in your life by helping you reduce stress and gain insight into your emotions. We hope you will find these articles on Buddhism to be easy to understand, interesting and helpful.

Being a Buddhist woman originally from Thailand, I have experienced first hand the ways that insight and wisdom can help calm the heart and open the mind. And having lived in the US since 1995, I know that the teachings of the Dharma are like good medicine to heal the troubles of our complex lives.

So take a sip, and let your inner peace and tranquility arise.

Buddha Poses and Postures: The Meanings of Buddha Statues

You should know what the meaning of a Buddha statue is BEFORE you buy it, shouldn’t you? Learn what these most common Buddha poses symbolize.

Where To Place Your Buddha Statue

Do you have your Buddha statue in the right place? Or are you setting yourself up for bad Karma by having your statue in an inappropriate location?

Buddhism 101: An Introduction To Buddhism

Learning about Buddhism? Start here with an easy introduction to Buddhism and the Buddha.

How To Convert To Buddhism

Many people wonder how they can convert to Buddhism, and whether there are any “secret” initiations involved in it.

Mudras: Sacred Hand Gestures In Buddhism and Hinduism

Did you know that the different hand gestures all have a deep meaning in Buddhist and Hindu art?

What Is Dharma: Buddhist and Hindu Dharma

Dharma is an essential concept to Buddhism and Hinduism, but it is also one of the least understood.