Lakshmi (also spelled Laxmi) is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, beauty, pleasure, and abundance - all the goods things in life. Lakshmi is the mother of Kama, the young god of love. Maha Lakshmi is the consort of Vishnu, and is his wife during each of his incarnations. The Goddess Lakshmi is adored by gods, demons and humans alike.

Usually Lakshmi is depicted sitting on a lotus, wearing a red sari, covered in jewels. In one of her four hands she holds a vase containing fortune and wealth. Often white elephants, the symbol of rain clouds, can be seen playing in the water near Lakshmi, often spraying her with water from their trunks.

Lakshmi has a few different forms. As Shreedevi, the goddess makes kings out of men, bestowing them with sovereignty, splendor and royal authority. In this form, she is Vishnu's shakti, the source of his divine power, which helps him to protect the universe. As Bhudevi, the earth-goddess, Lakshmi provides food, clothing and shelter to all creatures.