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Buddha Poses and Postures: The Meanings of Buddha Statues

You should know what the meaning of a Buddha statue is BEFORE you buy it, shouldn’t you? Learn what these most common Buddha poses symbolize.

Great Buddhist Quotes For Daily Life

Some of the most profound, life changing thoughts can be so simple. These quotes from leading Buddhist teachers offer practical , everyday insight.

Quick Review: Kundun and Little Buddha

If you get the Ovation channel, you should look for the movies Kundun and The Little Buddha to be shown. Both movies give a glimpse into the world of Tibetan Buddhism. Kundun is directed by Martin Scorsese and is known as a biography of The Dalai Lama. In reality, it is more a biography of […]

Be Thankful For Our Mistakes

For one woman, learning from a past mistake or two was a springboard on her journey to a new life.

Compassion Is Its Own Reward

What can you do to make something you truly dislike doing (such as paying taxes) a little bit easier? It may sound strange, but this does help.