These are just some of the testimonials that we have received since we started selling online back in 1997 (as www.Siamese-Dream.Com - our sister site) . We have MANY more testimonials - in fact, so many more that we just haven't had time to put them up online yet. But keep an eye out because they will be coming soon

Please note: While we will be delighted if you want to send us your testimonial, we would actually prefer that you use our new ratings and review system to rate our service and products. Just go to the product that you purchased and review it there. Thanks in advance.

Indeed I am very pleased with my order. My incense was received in good condition, and in 3 days! Thank you so much.. I will be ordering again.

Schenectady, NY, 2/2/2008 Order #21996

I received the package today and the dolls are beautiful; Thank you very much :)

Ontario, Canada, 1/16/2008, Order #21879

I just wanted to reply to say that I am very happy with the Sandstone Buddha! It is perfect and exactly what I wanted.

Lowell, MA, 1/4/2008, Order #21801

The walking Buddha statue is very nice. Your customer service was more than satisfactory and if something comes up I'd shop with you again.

Camarillo, CA Order #21632

Hi, Jay and Mark! Sorry that I have not responded before now. I wanted to commend you on your excellent customer relations! I have never dealt with an Internet company as helpful and responsive as yours! You filled my order quickly and it was great to be able to track its progress on-line. The products are beautiful, and I truly appreciate your kindness in including some extra items, as well as the handwritten note on the lovely card.

Kuan Yin is a very important figure to me as I try to live my life with meaning and compassion, and it seems that you also are inspired by those concepts! Thank you again for your helpfulness,

Wishing you all the best,

Toronto, Canada, Order #21058


I got my order today. I just wanted to tell you how happy I was with the shirts. They are beautiful and such nice quality. Thanks for the prompt delivery and the thoughtful gift. I look forward to ordering from you again soon.

Astoria, NY, Order #21181

Thank you for sending my order out quickly! It came just in time for me to attend the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Pasadena appropriately dressed! Love & Peace. Namaste!

Huntington Beach, CA, Order #20761

Hello Mrs Romero;

I received my order and wanted to tell you how delighted I am with the incense. Triloka is the best incense I have ever used and I received my order very quickly. Thank you again for your excellent service, I will be ordering again.

Snyder, TX, Order #20428

Thank you so much for my order. I love the Buddha statue I ordered. It was so carefully packaged with a hand written note about a wooden base. The incense is also quite mystical! Thank you. I have added your site to my favorites for future purchases!

Black Mountain, NC, Order #20329

Thank you very much for the lovely statue. It was a gift and my girlfriend was extremely happy with it! Thanks again...very happy with the customer service and the product.

New York, NY, Order #20184

Dear Siamese Dream,

I received the Nag Champa Incense and the Durga Pendant today 6/8/07. Thank you for the incense: Dragons Blood, Spiritual Guide and Vishwa Shanti. I like the Durga Pendant and chain. The incense is so wonderful and fragrant.

Vista, CA, Order #20194

Great little pendant...very satisfied! Will do business with again when seeking items of similar nature. Thank you!

Moscow, PA, Order #20106

Got my order and My e-coupon, Thank You! The slippers work great, turns out a good thing you didn't have that larger size as it would have been too big! Thanks for working with me on that. I love my statue, very nice quality! I will keep you on my favorites list!

Bonners Ferry, ID, Order #20082

Why say Folks @ the incense company : this was my first order w/ you, and My friend and I were mighty impressed. We've enjoyed Tara incense for a few years now. Unfortunately, we've paid up to $8 a pack for it when we were able to find it. This is the freshest we've had... Thanks, and you'll be hearing from us regularly.

East Nassau, NY, Order #19990

Dear Ms. Romero,

Thank you for your follow-up letter. I did receive my items and I am very satisfied with my purchases. I am also on a waiting list for a Spirit House, and am wondering if you have an update on their availability.

Thank you,

Owen Sound, Canada, Order #19965

The shirt was great! Quick delivery too.

Vista, CA, Order #19866

I love the necklace and I'm glad to have the chance to tell you so. I'll be back!

Boylston, MA, Order #19747

Yes, I was very satisfied with my purchase. My wife loved the Kali and yes I will probably be buying some more items.

05/08/2006 17:00:43 EDT (Order #17038)

The statue of Kali arrived, safe-and-sound. It is VERY beautiful -- Thank you very much!!

Order #16981

I am so happy with my small Kali statue! I have been looking for her all over Sweden...but to think she would be waiting for me in California... Thank you ever so much for the very speedy delivery.

04/18/2006 05:49:56 EDT (Order #16865)
Everything arrived safely and the bells and dorjes are just right. Thank you -- I have given your website address to others.

03/31/2006, Order #16732

I received my pendants today, they are beautiful! Thank you for the fast service too.

Oh yeah the shirts are great, everyone around here just loves them. I'll definitely tell people about your website if they are looking for similar items.

03/09/2006 20:57:39 EDT (Order #16541)

"I'm very pleased with my order and I'm glad after searching high and low for Morning Star Incense I found it with you. No doubt I will be back in the future."

- Janet C., NEW YORK, NY January 3, 2006 (Order Number: 15928 )

"I must say I was pleasantly surprised with this purchase. I was looking for a quality brass (or other metal) Shiva statue and couldn't find anything but resin composites. I purchased from you without really knowing what to expect. The statue was beautiful, my husband loved it, your service was prompt and timely, and I do plan to purchase from you again. I will also recommend your store to my friends and customers who look for these kinds of things. Thanks again for helping make our Yuletide bright!"

- Ericka B., Moorpark CA January 1, 2006 (Order Number: 15879)

"I received the item and my husband loved it. Have a Happy Holiday!!!"

- Demetrice J., Kennesaw GA December 25, 2005 (Order Number: 15780 )

"Yes, everything arrived safe and sound. The Ganesha Statue was beautiful and I hope well liked (it was a gift)."

- Ellen S., New York, NY December 20, 2005 (Order Number: 15717 )

"I love my new t-shirts."

- Barabara W., Houston TX December 6, 2005 (Order Number: 15558 )

"I have purchased "The large bronze Kuan Yin Statue is just incredible! We will be giving her as a gift for the holidays."

- Herman A., Brooklyn, NY November 9, 2005 (Order Number: 15336 )

from you twice in the last 2 years, and will continue to do so . Some of the varieties that you offer
are not available here in Kailua, Hawaii."

- Bruce H., Kailua Kona, HI December 4, 2005 (Order Number: 15510 )

"We received the ordered items and are very satisfied with the goods. The t-shirts are a like a piece of jewellery. Thank you for your service!"

- Evert L., Oosterhout, The Netherlands October 12, 2005 (Order Number: 15158 )

"Dear Siamese Dream; I received the beautiful Green Tara Statue today. I like it very much. The incense is wonderful."

- Harry E., Vista, CA October 11, 2005 (Order Number: 15224 )

"The order arrived quickly and the shirts were just as beautiful as I had hoped they would be. Thank you."

- Sharon R., Indianapolis, IN October 5, 2005 (Order Number: 15110 )

"I love your Indian Incense. I haven't seen these brands and scents anywhere else. My favorites are Natural, Super Hit, and Spiritual Guide. They fill areas of my home with a very pleasant, calming scent. So, please keep stocking it! I've enjoyed shopping at your site from time to time over the last few years, and wish you continued success. Thank you very much."

- Elaine W., Dallas, TX October 3, 2005 (Order Number: 15100 )

"The Krishna Shirts are great! Thanks!"

- Gregory S., San Francisco, CA October 1, 2005 (Order Number: 15102 )

"The Ganesh Shirt was fabulous. I'm an art teacher in West Palm Beach, Florida. And I'll be ordering more for Christmas! Great delivery, too. Keep up the good work."

- Stephanie C., Jupiter, FL October 1, 2005 (Order Number: 15093 )

"I got the Tara Incense and I'm very happy with it. I will definitely be ordering more stuff from your store! "

- Tricia S., Windsor, CA September 26, 2005 (Order Number: 15043 )

"I ordered a Kali Talisman from your website, and it is high quality indeed! It truly enhances the shrine that I made for her. I thank you for the attention to detail and the speed of service. I would definitely recommend this site and I myself will use it again!"

- Julianne L., Moon Township PA August 29, 2005 (Order Number: 14769 )

"Yes, I am delighted with the Eight Auspicious Buddhist Signs bracelet. It is what I had hoped for, and then some... I am very happy that I bought it, and most appreciative that I found you and your wonderful website."

- Paula D., Albuquerque, NM August 26, 2005 (Order Number: 14872 )

"I love the Buddha Statue. Thank you very much. You guys are wonderful."

- Emilianne S., Brooklyn, NY August 21, 2005 (Order Number: 14859)

"Yes, the amulets were very nice and my friend loved them as her birthday present! Thanks!"

- Teresa R., Daphne, AL August 14, 2005 (Order Number: 14814)

"My order arrived today and I am so pleased with it. The Kuan Yin Statue is beautiful, looks even better than in the photo. Thank you so much for your assistance."

- Julie L., Coventry, West Midlands, England May 24, 2005 (Order Number: 14380)

"I want to say thank you for our large bronze Dancing Ganesh Statue that arrived today. The craftsmanship and quality is way beyond our expectations! It has a place of honor on our fireplace mantel. Thank you also for the free calendar Sacred Images of Tibet, it replaced the one we had. Have a good day."

- Joel G., Brooklyn, NY April 4, 2005 (Order Number: 14026)

"Once again I was so very pleased with my purchase! The Five-Headed Ganesh is very beautiful and unique and has a prized place on my altar along with the other amazing pieces I have been fortunate enough to acquire from Siamese-Dream over the years."

- Lisa R., Alexandria VA January 20, 2005 (Order Number: 13578)

"Hello - Just wanted to let you know how delighted I was to receive the yin-yang pendant and chain that I ordered. They were really nice. I gave them to my son for Christmas, and he was very pleased. Also, thank you for such speedy response. I'm glad to have come across your site on the web. I will be ordering again."

- Alvin M., Liberty, NE December 22, 2004 (Order Number: 13232)

"Just wanted you to know that I have received my order. I was just thrilled with my statues. They are beautiful! Also I was so happy that you included a few surprise gifts and a card. It was a pleasure. Thank you again."

- Sharon P., Boca Raton FL December 3, 2004 (Order Number: 13065)

"Just received my amulets, thank you very much, they're beautiful!"

- Carrie B., San Diego CA October 19, 2004 (Order Number: 12700)

"LOVE the Goddess Shirt! THANKS"

- Camille G., New York NY June 15, 2004 (Order Number : 11156)

"Hi Jay; Thank you for your help with my order. Everything is perfect. The Buddha Charms are beautiful! And thanks for the time that you spent helping me."

- Alison B., Providence RI
February 28, 2004 (Order Number : 10084)

"Hello Jay; Thank you. The shirts are high quality & have greater beauty than expected."

- Michael B., Ventnor City NJ Feb 27, 2004 (Order Number : 10139)

"Just wanted to tell you I received my Buddha pendant and it is just as I thought it would be - Thanks very much - have bookmarked your site."

- Valerie G., San Pedro CA February 25, 2004 (Order Number : 10136)

"We received our Quan Yin Statue this morning. Absolutely beautiful (!) and she arrived in one gorgeous piece. Actually, the picture doesn't do her justice. The detail is incredible. Thank you for all your trouble and care. I'm sure we'll be ordering more in the future."

- Walt B., Knightstown IN February 10, 2004 (Order Number : 9833)

"Received the Spirit Houses yesterday. and I am thrilled with them. They are truly delightful pieces of folk art - far too delicate to put outside in our weather, so they will stay by the front door and do their "guarding" from there! Thank you for the very prompt and careful service you provided. I hope to be in touch for further purchases in the next year."

- Patricia R ., Owen Sound Ontario November 18, 2003

"Thank you very much for the prompt shipment of my order below. Everything arrived today in good order. The cards and necklace are beautiful."

- Joy N., Milwaukee WI 10/7/03

"We love the spirit house. We're giving this one as a housewarming gift, but I have a funny feeling we'll be ordering one for ourselves, too. Many thanks!"

- Gerry O., Midland Park NJ 08/24/03

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my package yesterday and I am very happy with my Lakshmi T-shirt and the candles.

- Jamie C., Oakland CA 04/17/03

"I am VERY pleased with my Om pendant, the price, quality of the item and FAST SHIPPING! I would be interested in ordering another if it came in another color (mine is in the oranges). Would you please let me know. Thank you."

- Lynn R., Oxford MI 03/04/03

"I received the order ahead of what I expected. And thank you for the small box of Nag Champa, it was fresher than what I purchased last at a store here in my area. I'll will surely be ordering in the future."

- James W., Long Beach CA 02/27/03

"Thank you for the beautiful Chinaratara Buddha statue and the prompt service! I haven't found anything else like that particular statue anywhere on the web, and it now takes up a prominent place on my home altar. Thank you again!"

- Jim M., Buffalo, NY 01 / 10/ 03

"I ordered the Krishna-Raddha shirt and I have gotten more comments on that shirt than anything else I have ever worn in my life. It's a real hit! Everyone loves it! And your shipping was so speedy. You are the BEST!"

- Deborah S., Virginia Beach, VA 10/ 23/ 02

"I want to thank you also for receiving my order of a Kuan Yin statue, which arrived recently . . . it was everything I hoped for!"

-Jerrie L., New Harmony, UT 08 / 26 / 02

"Thank you for sending the Lakshmi Shirt so promptly... I ordered it on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. My wife... absolutely adored the shirt. (I bought it for her b'day) You have a great store and I am sure that I will be buying more items from you... Thanks, a satisfied customer."

- Dan M., Parsippany, NJ 05/ 17/ 02

"I just wanted to let you know I got the replacement shirt yesterday (the long sleeved Durga print shirt). the medium fits perfectly!! in fact, I like it so much, I'll probably be back soon to order a different print!! thanks for getting it to me so quickly, and for being so accommodating:) I'm looking forward to shopping with you again in the future!"

- Jennifer M., Silver Spring, MD 04/ 25/ 02

"Hi Jay - I just received my Kuan Yin Statue in the mail today and she is gorgeous! thank you so much for shipping her so quickly!!"

-Lisa T., Monrovia, CA 04 / 16 / 02

"I received order #2425 today (Monday, April 15). I'd just like to thank you for the prompt transaction, as well as for the hard copy of the receipt. The Ganesha statue is just what I hoped it would be; nice size with incredible detail, something I know my girlfriend will love! If I need other items of this type, I know where to go! Thanks again... "

-Matt P., San Diego, CA 04 / 15 / 02

"I received my shirts in the mail on Wednesday. What quick service. You have a great business. I will definitely tell my friends. Thanks for the dedication in completing my sale correctly and promptly."

-Sharon P., 04 / 12 / 02

"I just received my statues and they are beautiful. Thank you for keeping me updated on the shipping."

-Paula H., San Diego, CA 04 / 10 / 02

"Hi, my order came today. How did you ever get it to me so fast!? I love this T-shirt and now I am all set to wear it to Yoga class tomorrow. Thank you for excellent service and for offering such unique and beautiful items."

-Ondine W., Seattle, WA 03 / 25 / 02

"Hello - I recently purchased a Ganesh pendant from you. I wanted to tell you that this, for the price, is the most beautiful and best made pendant that I have ever seen. I shall treasure it. From my dealings with you it is clear to me that your integrity and your taste are both superior. Thank you for bringing your offerings to the internet. Namaste"

-Keith R., Charlestown, NH 03 / 22 / 02

"Hi Jay, Thanks for the quick delivery. The Genesh Statue is very cool. I have it in my office... I am the local remover of obstacles.... Thanks again,"

-Robert, Titusville, FL 03 / 20 / 02"Thank you, Jay. I appreciate the quick turnaround. Peace and Happiness,"

-Jeff S., Redwood City, CA 03 / 29 / 02

"Hi Jay, I just received my goods from you today. I just Love everything! The statue looks wonderful in my yoga room. Thanks again. Sincerely,"

-Wendy N., Brigantine, NJ 03 / 20 / 02

"Hello, I just received the items I ordered. The mini statues were so much more detailed than I had hoped. But, my Porcelain Kuan Yin is exquisite! Thank you for such great service and excellent taste in choosing your inventory."

-Betsy, Arizona 03 / 19 / 02

"Jay, Thank you so much for your great service! My friend and I have truly enjoyed our Kuan Yin statues."

-Kristina D., Norman, OK 02 / 13 / 02

"Everything is perfect, I love the shirt! Bye."

-Rajnarine C., Bronx, NY 02 / 06 / 02

"Thank you so much for the beautiful pendant.... it is all that I expected and more, and I most gratefully appreciate you saving me money on the shipping it was great. Thank you again! Namaste."

-Diana H., Clearwater, FL 02 / 05 / 02

"Dear Jay: The statue arrived today in perfect condition. Thank you for your great advice and for your great service. I will definitely shop with you again."

-Bob W., Boonton, NJ
01 / 28 / 02

"Dear Jay, I just wanted to say how much your concern tells me about the way you handle your business. You may rest assured I will recommend your business to everyone I know who are interested in products of a spiritual nature. You have made a friend in me. Thanks again."

-Steve B., Attleboro Falls, MA 01 / 25 / 02

"I received the statue last Saturday and it is the most beautiful one that I now have. The detail is much finer than I expected, and it is just the right size."

- Bobby, Alabama

"The Kuan Yin statue arrived today (in very short time) and in perfect shape. Thank you very much for your care and speed in shipping it."

- William, Illinois

"The shirt and incense are wonderful and thank you very much. You have a wonderful store and I'm sure I will shop there again."

- Michael, California

"I am very pleased with the bronze Krishna statue."

- Gene, California

"I loved the incense, I'll be ordering from you again."

- Seth, Washington