Heart Stones Made of Natural Crystals

Heart Stones Made of Natural Crystals

Heart Stones Made of Natural Crystals


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These Heart Stone crystals all have a different meaning, and are popular gifts for friends, relatives and lovers. Let people know that you care about them with these unique Heart Shaped Polished Stone carving. Each one comes with a card explaining the meaning behind the stone.

These stone hearts are 1.7 by 1.2 by .75 Inches and sell for only $7.49 each. But if you buy more than one you get a discount on the price (even if you mix and match different styles).

You can read more about these Heart Stones below:
heartstones aventurine heart shaped stones
Aventurine Heart Stone
A peaceful green color, Aventurine is believed to act as a soothing stone.
brecciated jasper heart stones

Brecciated Jasper Heart Stone
Dynamic red with gray streaks, Brecciated Jasper is believed to keep energy high.

hematite heart stone

Hematite Heart Stone
Metallic dark silver / gray color, Hematite is is believed to enhance memory.

Picture Jasper Heart Stone
Creamy vanilla color with cinamon streaks, Picture Jasper is believed to enhance Pictures from the past.

quartz crystal heart stone

Quartz Crystal Heart Stone
A clear stone with internal lines, Quartz Crystal is believed to amplify energy thoughts.

Red Goldstone Heart Stone
A sparkling orangish-red color, Red Goldstone is believed to tune in to ancient echoes.

Rhodonite Heart Stone
A pink stone with mauve tones and gray streaks, Rhodonite is believed to allow for change.

rose quartz heart stones

Rose Quartz Heart Stone
Opaque rose pink colored stone, Rose Quartz is believed to promote love.

Snow Flake Obsidian Heart Stone
A near black stone with off-white designs, Snow Flake Obsidian is believed to enhance serenity.

Sodalite Heart Stone
A deep blue stone with white streaks, Sodalite is believed to eliminate confusion.

tiger eye stone

Tiger Eye Heart Stone
Medium and dark browns, Tiger Eye is believed to connect one with earth.

Unakite Heart Stone
A moss green and Raspberry Red color, Unakite is believed to bestow peace & quiet.