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Tibetan Singing Bowls and Wood Striker

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Tibetan Singing Bowls and Wood Striker
    Price: $26.95
    Size (See Chart Below):
      Add Cushion? ($8)
      Add Gift Wrap? ($3.50)

    These are the famous Tibetan Style Singing Bowls which you have seen (and HEARD) in movies, concerts and, of course, temples and meditation centers. These deluxe singing bowls are made of only high-quality materials, ensuring that they will better produce a clean tone with plenty of sustain. Each singing bowl comes with a wooden striker, and we HAND TEST EACH SINGING BOWL for the clarity of sound. If it doesn't sing easily and beautifully, we wont sell it.

    Small size singing bowls measure 4.25 Inches in diameter by 2.25 inches tall
    Medium size bowls measure 5 Inches in diameter by 2.75 inches tall
    Large size bowls measure 6 Inches in diameter by 3.5 inches tall

    Singing bowls are often used for meditation and concentration purposes, both by monks and by everyday people who simply want to relax. You place the singing bowl in your hand, or on a small pillow or soft floor and slowly rub the included striking stick along the outside of the bowl. It will gradually begin to sing, and the volume can be controlled by the user - rub softly for low volume, rub harder for higher volume. You may also strike the outside of the bowl first and then start rubbing the outside.

    Please note that these singing bowls are made in Nepal due to the difficulty in getting any kind of high quality product from occupied Tibet. These deluxe singing bowls are not to be confused with inferior copies that are made in China.

  • Small size bowls measure 4.25 Inches in diameter by 2.25 inches tall
  • Medium size bowls measure 5 Inches in diameter by 2.75 inches tall
  • The price includes the wood striker, too
  • Cushions / Pillows for the singing bowls available at additional cost
  • All these signing bowls have an intricate design on them
  • We hand test each bowl to ensure quality
  • How to Use Singing Bowls in Meditation:

    One easy way to use these bowls is to sit down, either by your self or in a group, and strike the bowl once to begin the start of the meditation session. They slowly rub the wooden striker along the outside edge of the bowl. Rub slowly and gently at first, but as the bowl gradually starts to sing louder and louder, you can rub harder - but still slowly.

    Focus your mind on the sound of the bowl. Try to make is sing as consistently as possible - not getting too loud, not getting to soft. If your mind starts to wander, refocus on the singing sound; let it permeate your body. Also focus your mind on the weight of the bowl in your hand and the vibrations you feel.

    When you are done with your meditation session, strike the outside of the bowl again and let it ring out.

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