There are said to be over 300 million different Gods and Goddesses in the Hindu pantheon, and this page presents information on some of the most well known deities, including the Gods Shiva, Vishnu, Kali, Durga, Brahma, Saraswati and others. Despite having so many different celestial beings, most Hindus consider their religion to be monotheistic (having a singular Universal God), as opposed to being polytheistic (having different gods). The majority of Hindus adopt a chosen deity (known as an Ishtadevata) which they worship as an anthropomorphic (human like) form of the one Universal God (known as Brahman).

Agni The Hindu God of Fire

Although little known, Agni is truly one of the most important Hindu Gods, and is invoked whenever an offering is burnt.

Asuras: Hindu Gods or Villains?

The Asuras are generally considered divine beings, who are primarily known for doing evil, but not always. It might be better to say that the Asuras are powerful beings who often are opposed to the gods. By the end of the Vedic period, however, the asuras had attained their more demonic role.

Brahma: the Hindu God of Creation

Sure, Brahma created the universe and delivered the Vedas to mankind, but Brahma has a Dark Side that many Westerners don’t really know about.

Devi: The Divine Mother Goddess

While Devi is a nurturing, Mother Goddess, she has many wrathful forms as well. How can such a caring goddess be so cruel?

Durga: Hindu Invincble Goddess

Duga combines the energies of all the male Hindu Gods into one wrathful Goddess.

Ganesh: Hindu God Of Sccuess

Ganesh is the elephant Headed God of success, and is one of the most beloved Hindu deities in the world.

Ganga: Sacred River Goddess

While Ganga may have fallen from heaven and been relegated to earth, her role in the life of Hindus should not be underestimated.

Hanuman the Monkey King

Hanuman is so heroic and brave that this Monkey God has won the hearts of many Hindu devotees.

Kali: Hindu Goddess of Destruction

Kali is one of the most ferocious goddesses in Hinduism, but she is also crucial to the birth cycle of man.

Krishna: The Spiritual Warrior

Despite HIS complexity, Krishna is one of the most loved and well known deities in all of India.

Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess Of Fortune

Lakshmi is loved and admired, for her grace, and the gifts she bestows upon here devotees.

Parvati: Hindu Wife, Mother, and Devotee

Parvati might have been a disappointment to her parents, but she is often considered a role model for the ideal woman.

Saraswati: Goddess of Learning and Arts

Meet Sri Saraswati – the goddess so refined that she was able to tame the wild cravings of Lord Brahma.

Shiva: Hindu God of Destruction

Shiva is a contradiction in terms; at once a fearsome destroyer and yet also a calm, meditating spiritual seeker. And when he stops dancing, the universe collapses.

Vishnu: Hindu God of Protection

Vishnu and His Avatars are the most widely worshiped deities in the Hindu world, as Vishnu’s many forms are credited with tremendous achievements.