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Earn 10% or more commission on Sales: A FREE and easy way for you to make money from your Facebook, Myspace, Blog, Website or Email newsletter.
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Siamese-Dream.Com will pay you 10% of the merchandise total on products purchased by visitors you refer to us. Say you refer someone to our web site and they buy $50 worth of merchandise. You would earn $5 for that transaction. If they come back at a later date and buy more merchandise, you can still earn your 10% commission from the sale. The more buyers you refer, and the more they buy, the more you earn.

Fill out our instant online Application Form (It's Free!) and we give you a unique URL to use for linking to us at Siamese-Dream.Com. You put as many (or as few) of these links on your web site (or in your emails). We track every visitor who comes from your site. When they make a purchase from us, you earn 10% commission on the merchandise total for that customer's purchase (plus you get instant notification of the sale by email).

Even if that visitor comes to our web site from your but doesn't buy anything right away, that is ok. We keep tracking them if they come back on their own and buy something from us. (There are some restrictions on this; read the details below.)

As an affiliate, you decide what kinds of links you want to put on your Web site or in your emails, how many you want to use, and where on your web site you want to use them. We have some pre-made text, logo, and banner links that you can use, or if you want, you can design your own. And you get the same 10% Commission rate no matter which type of link you use (unlike some affiliate progams).

We send you a commission check every quarter for your full commission. But if you earn more than $75 before the quarter is over, send us an email and we will send you a check within one business day. Since you can check your commission status online 24 hours a day (plus you get instant emails on every sale you refer), you will always know how much money you are due.

There is absolutely no charge to you to join. Remember, it is all about us paying you to be an affiliate! You will soon discover how easy it is to link to our site, and how simple it is to track sales you refer. In short, you will be surprised to learn how easy it is to make money from our affiliate program.