Most people wear Hindu pendants as an act of devotion (bhakti) to a particular Hind God or Goddess. But these pendants are also worn as amulets, i.e., to help protect the wearer, or to effect an attribute of the Hindu deity depicted on the pendant. For instance, someone might wear a pendant of the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi so as to help encourage wealth and fertility. But certainly not all Hindu Pendants are expected to lead those who wear them to material gain. Necklace Pendants of the Hindu Goddess Kali might be expected to help the wearer overcome ignorance in their life. Someone hoping to become more adept at meditation might wear a pendant of Shiva, the Hindu God of Ascetics.

The most popular of the Hindu Pendants on our site are the ceramic Thai amulets, which feature a painted image of the Hindu deity on the front and a nickel back. Other pendants common to Hinduism would be Om pendants, which are made in silver, or in brass.