This collection of Durga Statues depicts the Invincible Hindu Goddess, who is also known as Maha Durga. The Goddess Durga, who is the warrior spirit of the Divine Mother in Hinduism, often rides a Tiger or a Lion, and these Durga Statues display attention to both Devi Durga as well as the rest of the statue.

The Goddess Durga embodies the Feminine Creative energy, and is thus known as Shakti. Durga is a fearsome goddess, and she is most famously known for destroying the demon Mahishasur (known as one of the Asuras, or demigods).

These Durga Statues are from India, Nepal and Thailand, and are appropriate for any Durga altar or any area where you would normally keep a Hindu Religious statue. Scroll down below to see some tips on placing your statue.