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Royal Pose Kuan Yin Statue, 17 Inches

Royal Pose Kuan Yin Statue, 17 Inches

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    This large Royal Pose Kuan Yin Statue measures nearly 17 inches tall and depicts the Chinese Bodhisattva Kuan Yin in the Royal Pose, namely, sitting at ease with right arm resting atop the right leg, while the left leg hangs pendant upon a Lotus Blossom. This differs from more common poses where Kuan Yin is seated cross legged or is standing upon a Lotus Blossom or Dragon. Also note that Kuan Yin can be depicted as either a female or a male Bodhisattva, as in this figure. One reason this is also known as the Royal Pose is because the clothing that Kuan Yin wears differs from the usual plain robes - this statue depicts silk clothing with brocade, more fit for royalty to wear, as well as an ornate hair style.

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