We observe the following Privacy Practices when we collect your information:

Encryption: All financial / Credit Card data is encrypted as it is sent to us, and is encrypted on our servers. For orders that are paid with by PayPal, the data will be kept according to PayPal's data retention policy. Our Credit Card processing company, RBS World Pay (formerly known as Lynk), also keeps encrypted payment data on their servers.

Data Storage: All Financial / Credit Card data is stored (encrypted) for 90 day from the date of the sale to help us provide you with a refund of your purchase, should a refund be requested. Note that the CVV number (the three digit number on the back of the credit card that follows the last four digits of the credit card) is NOT retained by us.

Marketing: We do not use order information to automatically assign customers to an email newsletter. All customers wanting to receive an email newsletter will be required to use a separate form. Their is no automatic enrollment in our newsletter by simply making a purchase through our web site.

Sharing of information: While some information MUST be shared in order to process and ship your order, we do not make your information available to third parties for marketing or solicitation purposes. For example: If you purchase an item and wish to have it shipped through the US Mail, then we will have to provide the US Postal service, through their online postage printing service, with your name and address. The same thing will be required for items that will be shipped through private shipping services.