Long Cotton Om Tunics (Kurtas)

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Long Cotton Om Tunics (Kurtas)
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    NOTE: These Run Larger Than Most Clothing
    Just because a man is modeling this Om Top doesn't mean that women can't wear them as well. This larger size Om Top comes in this very cool looking longer style, which is great to wear with jeans or a skirt - preferably if you are female, of course. These tops are made from 100% Cotton and are known as Kurtas. They are available in several colors, and are quite practical. We know people who wear them out clubbing (especially if you like Bhangra Music) and we know other people who wear them as night shirts / pajamas, since the all cotton design makes them very comfortable.

    Speaking of design, the printed Om Symbol appears on both the front and the back of the blouse, so you will look great from any direction. Because it is breathable, you can keep your cool as the temp heats up, or layer it on colder days and nights.

    The word Om is a sacred sound in Hinduism. In fact, it is the very first syllable uttered during Hindu prayers, and most scholars believe that the word "Amen" used in Christian prayers is derived from the word Om. It is believed that when the universe was still empty, there was only the cosmic sound of Om, and the energy from this sound unfolded into the present univers. Please note that the Sanskrit spelling has three letters (roughly "A," "U," and "M"), and each of these three letters represents a different stage in the development of the universe. The "A" represents the Creation, the "U" represents the Sustainin and Protection, while the "M" represents the Destruction and Rebirth of the Universe.

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