Indian Incense Sticks by Hem

Indian Incense Sticks by Hem

Indian Incense Sticks by Hem


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Product Details

High quality Indian incense Sticks Made by Hem Incense: Available in two sizes - Small (40 Sticks) and Large (200 Sticks) We feature many hard-to-find brands of premium stick incense from India (scroll down to see them all). Our collection of fragrances includes: Super Hit (A Bestseller!), Spiritual Guide, Satya Natural, Valley of Roses, Satya Royal, Vishwa Shanti, Lotus Incense, Patchouli, Lemon Grass. Each stick burns for about 25 minutes. You can either purchase a Small Size (40 sticks) or Large Size (200 Sticks). Sampler Scents:
Meditation Sampler (Includes Nag Champa, Super Hit, Dragon's Blood, Spiritual Guide, and Satya Royal)
Fragrant Sampler (Includes Sandalwood, Musk, Lotus, Jasmine, and Satya Natural)

Individual Scents:
  • Dragon's Blood (Bestseller!)
  • Super Hit (Bestseller!)
  • Spiritual Guide (Bestseller!)
  • Satya Natural
  • Valley of Roses
  • Satya Royal
  • Vishwa Shanti
  • Lotus
  • Meditation
  • Kama Sutra
  • Patchouli
  • Lemon Grass
  • Lavender
  • Musk
  • Coconut
  • Jasmine

  • Please note that stick incense is commonly called dhoop or toop in Hindi or Thai languages. These incense sticks are made by Hem Incense and the Satya Sai Baba Foundation.