Hindu Gods and Goddesses Tank Tops

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Hindu Gods and Goddesses Tank Tops
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    New! Stay cool and look good! Tank tops are available only in a Small Size (which is perfect for a Size 2 through Size 4). But they can stretch a bit so a size 5 or 6 can wear them if you don't mind a tighter fitting top. The Kali Tank top features a cloes up image of Kali's face with her tounge sticking out - you have probably seen this image elsewhere before, only not on a shirt.

    Measurements: The Tank Tops are 13 Inches across at the bust line, 16 Inches across at the hem line, and they are 14 Inches long in the front (from the bottom of the neck line straight down to the hem line).

    These shirts are available with the following deities:

    Kali (close up image of her face), Krishna (Black Background), Krishna (Light Purple Background), Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, Vajrasattva, White Tara.

    You can read more about each paritcular deity by scrolling down below. These shirts are a cotton / polyester blend.

    Note: Kali is also known as Mahakali

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