Cho Cho San Incense Cones

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Cho Cho San Incense Cones
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    Cho Cho San Incense cones from from Japan is another popular brand of high-quality Japanese incense, or Koh, as it is called in Japanese. In fact, Cho Cho San is our most popular form of cone incense, and once you light a cone or two, you will understand why. The word Koh is Japanese for high quality incense, and the Cho Cho-San fragrances are exotic and alluring. While most people are more familiar with stick incense, cone incense does have some advantages. First, it is easier to keep the ashes from spilling off the burner. Secondly, since cone incense doesn't use bamboo, you get a purer scent than many brands of stick incense.

    Each box of Cho Cho San Incense contains 36 cones, in four different fragrances, and each box comes with its own ceramic burner. The scents are Pine (green), Sandalwood (olive), Kyara (purple), and Cherry (red). Each cone burns for approximately 25 minutes. We sell them in a box of 36 cones for $7.50 but with our volume discount, you save more when you buy more. What can we say? We like getting a good deal on incense just like everyone else. So buy more and save more.

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