Chinese Dragon Vase, 21 Inches Tall

Chinese Dragon Vase, 21 Inches Tall
    Price: $149.95

    These vases feature images of a Chinese Dragon on them and are an exciting way to decorate your home. They are approximately two ffet high and the lid features an image of a small Foo Dog, which were kept as guard by the Chinese emporers. The Dragon is a sybol of wisdom and courage in Chinese culture, and is also closely associated with the Chinese rulers. Unlike Western style dragons, Chinese dragons DON'T have wings, but are still believed to be able to fly through the heavens.

    You can of course use this vase for storage, but no matter what you put inside, you will definitely want to have it on display in your home.

    PLEASE NOTE: Because these vases are heavy and somewhat fragile, we can only send them by UPS GROUND, as that is the safest, least expensive way to send them (takes from 2 days to a week to arrive). We can only send them inside the contiguous USA (meaning we cannot send them to Hawaii or Alaska) and cannot send them outside the USA. We will not be able to send them overseas.

    RETURN POLICY: These vases have the same return policy as our other merchandise (meaning ten days from day you receive the merchandise), and we refund the cost of the item itself, but NOT the shipping costs. Please do realize that if you decide to return the item to us, the shipping costs you will have to pay MAY be significant, the vases are heavy and need to be sent in a large box with lots of padding.

    DIMENSIONS: 21 Inches Tall by 13 Inches wide

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