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Glass Panel Buddha Incense Holder 8 Inches High

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Glass Panel Buddha Incense Holder 8 Inches High
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    This unique incense holder features a glass etching of the face of the Buddha and has a base where you can place the included stone pebbles to hold your incense upright and catch the ashes from the burning incense.

    The picture here shows the incense holder in front of a burning candle to help better show off the etching design. If you like to burn a lot of incense, or if you like to burn incense of different sizes (like the thicker Tibetan incense), then you will appreciate the versatility of this incense burner.
  • Incense Burner is 8 Inches Tall by 5 Inches Wide
  • Incense burner Includes Small Pebbles to Place In Tray
  • This Burner Looks Great Even if You Don't Use It to Burn Incense
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