Kama: Hindu God Of Love

Kama is the god of love in Hinduism. He is a son of Lakshmi. Kama is represented as a winged youth bearing bow and arrows (similar to Cupid). Kama uses the cane of sugarcane as the shaft of his bow and a line of buzzing bees as his bowstring. He rides a parrot across the three worlds shooting his five flower-tipped arrows that arouse the five senses and enchants the mind with visions of beauty. But Kama is not worshiped.

Kama has been identified with the principle of desire that entraps the soul in samsara. In fact, in Buddhism, he is called Mara, the demon, and enemy of all enlightened beings. Kama is often confused with Karma, but they are two different things, as the former is a Hindu God, while the latter is the concept of action, often called the law of cause and effect.

There is a story about the God Shiva where Kama, at the behest of his future wife Parvati, fired a love missile at the meditating Shiva. When Shiva realized the arrow was on the way, Shiva opened His third eye (in the middle of the forehead), and the energy released from the third eye of wisdom incinerated the arrow – along with Kama as well.

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